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Roofs are often neglected by homeowners. They aren't always easy to see, and full inspections take time and risk. However, you should never leave your roof to take care of itself Rain, fast winds, and extreme temperatures will damage and wear down the shingles over time. These damaged shingles open the interior of your home to the elements and can cause major hazards if left unrepaired.

There are many tell-tale signs of roof damage which can be easily observed by homeowners to help inform whether they are due for a professional opinion.

Attic Leaks: Water within your attic and damp insulation. This is caused by the seal of the shingles having deteriorated over time.

Blistering and Peeling Paint: Moisture can become trapped within your home due to poor ventilation which can cause the paint to blister and peel.

Ceiling Stains or Sagging: Obvious water stains on your ceiling and bowing can occur when water infiltrates the home. This can cause dangerous molds to grow. 

Shingle Damage: Sometimes all it takes is to see from the outside whether your Shingles have begun to break apart or tom off completely. 

Dark Streaks: Dark streaks on your shingles can often be mistaken for dirt, but often moss and lichens make their home on top of your house and deteriorate your roof over time. 

While many dangers aren't immediately harmful to your health, even the simplest problems can become outrageously expensive if left untreated. Water infiltration can cause wood rot and structural damage to the home leading to expensive and intrusive repairs. It can also cause inefficient energy and raises your utility bill incraesing monthly costs. 

Getting an estimate and inspection costs absolutely nothing. By the end of your consultation you will be given a time frame, price, and plan of attack to help reinforce your home, giving you back your piece of mind.

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