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Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 by Heather Robb

What sets Cantey Roofing and Cantey Foundation Specialists apart from other companies (and most certainly other companies in the construction field) is their culture and commitment to its people, customers and community. It's easy to have a company mantra, it is entirely different to live those words every day in every occasion. 

As part of the Cantey Roofing Family we are believers. Believers that actions can spread to something more, creating a ripple effect that is likely to touch the lives of employees, customers, and our community. Our purpose and goal is to redefine our industry, because we know that when we redefine our industry, we are making an impact on the world that can change lives for the better.

Customers are the very core to keeping Cantey Roofing going and we believe that the homeowner experience should, and can be, more than the typical contractor experience. CFS envisions a world where every single "touch" from the contractor not only exceeds expectations, but creates new expectations for how a homeowner should be treated.

Employees are our most valuable asset. They are the face, voice, they very foundation of Cantey Roofing! It is important that we walk alongside our employees, creating a realistic work-life balance, so that we can create an environment where employees feel a passion and fulfillment in their work. We believe fulfilling work creates fulfilling lives.

These purposes are our guiding light in the industry, an industry that we are striving to redefine. Can you imagine a world where customers feel 100% satisfied? Can you imagine a world where employees feel seen and heard, and truly part of a team environment? We can.

One Team. One Passion. One Experience. One Community. 

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