Transparency is Key

Google is a wonderful thing. It can find you directions, menus, diagnose your latest illness and help you with your home repairs. When I google the company I work for, Cantey Roofing & Gutters, I find that we offer free estimates, financing options, and a myriad of Before & After photos (my favorite). But most importantly I think, is the transparency of exactly what services Cantey Roofing & Gutters offers and exactly what the work is going to look like. I would feel comfortable as a customer reading the possible Who, What, Why, Where and How’s of my roofing problem, and feel empowered to address it, rather than feeling overwhelmed. 

One of the most common problems a homeowner can face is hail damage. Extreme weather is a real possibility in *warm one day, cold the next* South Carolina. Who hasn’t experienced the effects of a summer storm resulting in tell-tale freckles on their car from hail? Just imagine what that same storm can do to the roof of your home. Different roofing materials mean different types of hail damage. Mostly commonly, hail shortens the life of shingles by causing crushed or dented areas.Wood shingles crack from hail, and can break loose completely. And finally, despite the hardiness of slate roofs, hail storms can still cause slates to crack on impact and slide off of the roof.

So what do you do about it? Cantey Roofing & Gutters offers free inspections and estimates. Certified technicians thoroughly inspect and evaluate your roof to ensure that your family home is not in immediate need of repair or replacement. In the event that repairs are needed, your family home is in experienced hands with Cantey Roofing experts. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and providing on only the best in customer care.

Googling “I need a roofing company” will bring up several choices. It is important to be thoughtful with your options. Which companies explain the Who, What, Why, How & When? Which companies seem approachable? Who is eager to answer questions? Who seems transparent and offers the answers you seek? Which companies offer financing? Your family home is the place where your most prized possessions reside-  Cantey Roofing & Gutters respects the seriousness and stress of making a decision so large. Free estimates and zero obligation inspections are just part of the ways that we want you to feel important and unique. Cantey Roofing & Gutters wants to redefine the customer experience and we’d like to start with you.


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