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Protect Your North Charleston Home with High-Quality Seamless Gutters

Properly functioning gutters are a critical component of your roofing system. Traditional gutter systems are prone to clogs and breakdowns after years of exposure to the elements and can damage your home. Your roof, foundation, siding, and landscaping are all at risk without a strong gutter system, and Cantey Gutters is here to help.

We are the North Charleston area’s gutter installation and replacement experts, specializing in seamless aluminum gutter systems. We proudly install the Gutter Shutter® system with permanent gutter guards. We also offer large-capacity downspout extensions to ensure proper drainage away from your home. Our gutter system is guaranteed to never clog or sag, ensuring proper drainage and providing a long-term, reliable gutter solution for your home.

Gutter Installation & Replacement Services in North Charleston:

  • Seamless Aluminum Gutters
  • Durable, No-Clog Gutter Guards
  • Gutter Downspouts, Extensions, and Drainage Solutions

Ready to start protecting your home with a new gutter system? Contact us today to schedule your free gutter installation estimate for your North Charleston home.

Seamless Gutters

We offer gutters constructed from premium-grade aluminum and fitted with a rolled-hood gutter guard design that keeps debris out of your gutter while allowing maximum water flow. Our expert gutter installation service ensures a high degree of functionality, excellent curb appeal, and lasting results for your home.

Gutter Protection with Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are essential to any long-lasting gutter system. They keep debris out and help rainwater flow through the gutters and downspouts. If your gutters don't have guards or the guards don’t perform well, water from clogged, overflowing gutters can damage your roof, landscaping, and foundation. Gutter Shutter® is a complete gutter protection system with integrated gutter guards designed to improve water flow, reduce debris and the risk of clogs, and protect your gutters season after season with little maintenance.

Benefits of Gutter Shutter®:

  • Contributes to the home’s appearance and value
  • Protects the roof, basement, exterior, and foundation against water damage
  • Eliminates biannual gutter cleaning

When you’re ready to protect your home with high-quality, durable seamless aluminum gutters guaranteed to never clog or pull away from the structure, Cantey Gutters can help. Get started by scheduling a no-cost, no-obligation gutter replacement or gutter installation estimate. Contact us today!

Case Studies From North Charleston
Replacing gutters yourself can be a daunting job. Carrying ladders, holding the materiels, and confidently installing replacement gutters can be...
Job Stories From North Charleston, SC
No More Gutter Clean Out in North Charleston, SC

Cantey Gutters recently helped G. Wise of North Charleston, SC and his family with their quality of life. His wife didn't want him to climb on a ladder to clean out their two-story gutters in the back of the home anymore. Cantey Gutters sent out a System Design Specialist to develop a solution plan with the Wise family. Phase 1 will replace this back section gutters with the Gutter Shutter System. Cantey Gutters will come back for phase 2 and complete the rest of the house at a later date.

No More Gutter Clean Out in North Charleston, SC - Photo 1
Gutters & Downspouts in North Charleston, SC

Cantey Gutters helped Mrs. Alexander improve her quality of life by burying her downspouts to help control water and improve the look of her yard. Mrs. Alexander called our System Design Specialist out about an issue we unfortunately couldn't fix. However, after walking around the house during her a thorough inspection, he noticed that while her gutters were new, the downspouts looked used and were different colors and discharging in inconvenient locations. Our System Design Specialist explained to her why Cantey would be unable to help with her primary concern, but that we could help her improve the way the downspouts were functioning. With the new system, Mrs. Alexander is not having any more issues and loves the look of her gutter system.

Gutters & Downspouts in North Charleston. SC

Jose P. of North Charleston, SC knew that he was in need of a quality gutter system. He had already gotten several quotes from different companies in the Lowcountry area. His concern about pooling water around his foundation was overshadowed by the unique structure and location of his home. Cantey Gutters was able to provide a permanent solution and offer a custom design such as flexible downspout discharges. The Gutter Shutter Systems larger size allows more water to be allocated away from his home and problem areas. Jose is pleased with the results and is relieved that he no longer has to worry when it rains. 

Gutters & Downspouts in North Charleston. SC - Photo 1
Much Needed Gutters in North Charleston, SC

Suzy W. knows she needs gutters at her home in Charleston, SC, but she is not quite sure about taking the plunge. In preparation for her sales appointment, a Cantey Gutters premailer with informatoin on our Gutter Shutter System, her Sales Specialist and other important information. On the day of Suzy's appointment, her Sales Specialist performed a thorough inspection, went over solution options and financing availabity. Suzy now feels that she has enough information to make an informed decision regarding her home. 

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